Friday, August 17, 2012

Missing Shoe

One of Lucy's jelly shoes has been missing for about two months. I found one and placed it in a drawer so that if I found the other one I would know that it was the lost one and not the same "found" one I already had. 

The other day I was doing my daily thing when I noticed this:

Can you see it? Let's take a closer look:

Ah! At long last I had found the lost shoe!

I figured Zach must have put it up on the door frame a long time ago and forgotten that was where he had put it.

Lucy and I had a great laugh about it as I went to find its missing partner from my hiding place in the drawer.

It wasn't there! When Zach came home I showed him the shoe on the door frame and he laughed because he didn't really remember putting it there. I asked him about my "found" shoe from my drawer and he told me that he was looking for something the day before and had been in the drawer when he had come upon the "found" shoe.

Thinking that it was the lost shoe he decided to put it somewhere where it wouldn't get lost again: Enter door frame.

So, while we all had a good laugh about it, the lost shoe is still lost, and the "found" shoe is back in it's drawer waiting for it's mate.

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  1. That is hilarious! We have that problem with church socks... I can only ever find one at a time!


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