Thursday, August 16, 2012

Turkish Rug

When Zach and I lived in Turkey we went to a rug store with a group of his co-workers and saw all the amazing Turkish rugs. It was a big deal and the store owners spent two hours unrolling and showing us a hundred different rugs. They even had homemade Turkish food for us to snack on while they put on the show.

My favorite ones were the silk ones. They had amazing colors and a beautiful sheen to them. Unfortunately, even a very small one was very expensive. I compromised by buying this mini "rug" at a different store a few months later that was more in my price range. 

I love it! I love the blues and yellows in it and how it reminds me of all the wonderful times and experiences we had in Turkey. I am glad I will finally be able to display it after two years!

The finished product!

Before: Eaaeee. 

Test to see if rug will fit nicely in frame.

Spray paint original artwork and mat- don't need to paint middle because it will be covered up anyway by the rug.

Sanded frame and washed glass.

Ready to assemble!

Center rug on mat, glue, tape, or just press into tacky spray paint like I did.

Voila! Ready for the gallery wall!

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