Thursday, December 6, 2012

Activity and Service Advent Calendar

Growing up we always enjoyed candy advent calendars that counted down the days until Christmas. At my mom's house my favorite was the cardboard calendar with a Christmas scene printed on it that you punched open a little door each day revealing a chocolate underneath.

At my dad's house they had a large cross stitch with ties all around that you used to secure the candy of your choice for each day.

This year I decided to make an advent calendar for Lucy to enjoy. After searching all over the internet and brainstorming ideas I decided to make a very easy and simple paper chain calendar that had a Christmas activity and act of service for Lucy to enjoy each day.

I also wanted to find one of the cardboard chocolate calendars to buy, but couldn't find one! Oh well.

Lucy had fun helping me tape the chain links together and working on a project with me. We hung it along the mantle and have watched it slowly dwindle down as we draw closer to Christmas.

I made an excel spreadsheet and listed the date, day of the week, and the activity and act of service for each day so that I could schedule in church parties, work parties, and Sabbath appropriate activities for Sunday, Monday family night, etc.

I intended on printing it out for my chain but was out of ink and so hand wrote each link instead. Some days we have had to save part of the activity for another day and so I save the link on the mantle until we have done all the activities and then throw it away once it is completed.

There were a lot of activities that I would have loved to include from my own childhood memories, but due to the warm climate and inaccessibility of our small town in Texas, I had to leave them out. Maybe another year!

So far we have really enjoyed the count down and I plan on continuing this tradition next year.

Here is the list of our December activities.

What other activities would you include or suggest for next year?

Activity Service
Saturday 1-Dec Go to the park Give dad a massage
Sunday 2-Dec Hot chocolate with marshmallows Sing Lucy a song
Monday 3-Dec Make cards for Grandparents Put dads clean clothes away
Tuesday 4-Dec Make gorilla bread Sing dad a song
Wednesday 5-Dec Make Christmas Wish list- put out shoes for St. Nick Make someone's bed
Thursday 6-Dec See what St. Nick brought! Put away dishes
Friday 7-Dec Hang mistletoe- get a kiss! Give dad a kiss
Saturday 8-Dec Christmas Frontier Dance Dust the living room
Sunday 9-Dec Make popcorn- watch Mr. Kruger's Christmas Sing mom a song
Monday 10-Dec Missionary Christmas cards Put away games
Tuesday 11-Dec Hot Apple Cider Tea Party Give mom a massage
Wednesday 12-Dec Scrabble Necklace Clean the fridge, oven, etc.
Thursday 13-Dec Paint Nails Clean dads side of bed
Friday 14-Dec Church Christmas party Organize shoe rack
Saturday 15-Dec Christmas Blanket Fort Clean out car
Sunday 16-Dec Sing Christmas Hymns Give mom a kiss
Monday 17-Dec Make paper snowflakes Put away shoes
Tuesday 18-Dec Make ornament Wipe down toilets
Wednesday 19-Dec Family Dance Party Throw away old magazines
Thursday 20-Dec Decorate cookies  Give Lucy a kiss
Friday 21-Dec Play a game with dad Empty trashes
Saturday 22-Dec Have breakfast for dinner Clean bathroom
Sunday 23-Dec Make a fire and read a book Give Lucy a massage
Monday 24-Dec Open one present- Go on Christmas Light Tour Wipe down door handles
Tuesday 25-Dec Read the story about the birth of Jesus Take out the trash

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