Wednesday, December 26, 2012

DIY: Fingerprint Christmas Light Cards

This is one of the advent calendar activities Lucy and I did this year. She always loves making artwork, and although this activity was a little more detail oriented than she is used to, she did a great job!

- Blank cards (Walmart)
- Washable markers
- Permanent marker
- Wet wipe
- Dry paper towel

So excited to get working!

This is the adult section of the activity as it required drawing the light cord and light bases with a permanent marker.

I found it easier to ink her thumb with one color over and over, and do every card before washing her finger and then moving on to the next color. 

Putting that wet wipe to good use.

The finished product!

Lucy adding her finishing touch inside each card. 

This was a fun project, but by the end Lucy's attention span was wearing thin. In the future I would break it up so she wasn't having to make all of the cards at the same time, or do each stage at different times of the day.

Did you make Christmas cards this year? Link up below to share them!

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