Tuesday, December 4, 2012


At the last minute we decided to let Lucy go trick-or-treating with some of our friends from church. She decided to wear her ballet leotard and be a ballerina. She put on a good show and had fun dancing around the house.

She loved going out and was very excited about her loot. She kept saying "Thank you" before she got the candy and "Trick-or-treat!" after. Oh, well. At least she got them both out.

Dance, Lucy, dance!

Right before it was time to go a package came to the door! A Halloween surprise delivery from See's Candy via Grandpa Billy and Grandma Gayle!

Lucy might have been more excited about the bubble wrap than whatever else was in the box.

Lucy got to enjoy a rare candy treat and picked a chocolate lollipop.

Thank you, Grandpa Billy and Grandma Gayle!

Happy Halloween Girl!

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