Sunday, December 30, 2012

St. Nicholas Day

Every year growing up we celebrated St. Nicholas Day with my mother. It was an old German family tradition we looked forward to every December 6th.

Basically, it's like getting your stocking filled twice- only on St. Nicholas day he fills your shoe. For me there was usually candy, an Archie comic book, some other small treats or toys, and an orange.

This is a tradition I have enjoyed keeping and once again, St. Nick did not disappoint!

What are your favorite family traditions during the holidays?


  1. Caroling. My family goes to neighbors and friends, especially older people who live alone and sing Christmas hymns to them. It means so much to those who are lonely! Old ladies always get teary eyed...makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! (ps. I LOVE Archie comics. I collected them growing up!)

    1. I love caroling too! Lets live closer and go together. :)
      PS. who doesn't love Archie comics?!


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