Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lucy Lately: Hide and Seek

One of Lucy's new favorite activities to do with Zach is to play hide and seek with him when he gets home from work. She really enjoys counting and trying to find him. Sometimes when he hides too well she loses interest and forgets what her goal is. Luckily for her, I can point her in the right direction until she achieves victory. 

What she doesn't seem to really grasp is the hiding part when it is her turn to hide. Zach will count and she will run away giggling in anticipation. When he finally gets to 10, she squeals in delight and comes running to him from her hiding spot screaming, "I found you! I found you, daddy!" 

It makes it really easy for Zach to "find" her. She comes to him!

Sometimes I will try to help her hide and will hide with her until Zach comes looking for us. Unfortunately, she usually can't contain her excitement and will giggle, scream in excitement, wiggle and then get really mad at me for covering her mouth and trying to pin her down to hold her still until Zach inevitably "finds" us. 

An example of one of her original hiding spots: 

Nice try, Lucy! If only that door frame covered the rest of your body.

An example of one of the times Lucy couldn't find Zach and needed a little help and encouragement from mom:

You couldn't even tell he was there! 

What is the best hiding place you've ever seen?

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