Saturday, December 29, 2012

DIY: Mistletoe Ball

For Lucy's activity today we made a mistletoe ball and hung it over the entrance to the Kitchen/Living Room where it will get lots of use.

Green Fabric
Pearl Beads
Nail and Hammer

I ironed and then folded the fabric in an accordion style. Then cut it out all together.

Cut in a peanut shape. For thicker fabric, make the pinched in middle smaller.

Because I folded in accordian-style, the fabric alternated between the plain back and printed front.

Tie and knot. Leave a long string from one end to use for hanging.

Wrap the string around a few more times and knot again.

Fan out leaves.

Keep adjusting until the ball is the shape you want. Trim short end of string.

To add berries: Thread needle and knot the end. Sew into the middle of the ball, add three pearl beads and stitch again at the start. Repeat for more berries in another part of the ball.

Use a nail and hammer to hang it where there is lots of foot traffic.

A success!

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