Tuesday, December 25, 2012

DIY: Snow Globes

Here is one of the fun activities Lucy and I did together this Christmas. Homemade Snow globes!

- Three empty and clean glass jars
- Bottle brush trees (Walmart)
- Pearl branches (from dollar store)
- Fake snow (Walmart)
- Hot glue gun and glue
- White spray paint

Wash empty jars in the dishwasher and use an adhesive remover like Goo Gone to clean off any leftover sticky residue from any labels. Rinse and dry. While waiting, take the clean lids and spray paint the color of your choice. Let dry. 

These pearl sprigs were from the flower arranging aisle.
I used them a few years ago to make Christmas corsages for the widows at church.  They made perfect trees!

Hot glue the trees on the inside of the lid.
Make sure to give enough room on the edges so that it will still close.

Add snow to the inside of the jar holding the open end of the jar up, and turn the trees upside down to put the lid on. Gently slide the trees into the glass. Screw tightly, then flip over and gently shake until the snow covers the "ground".

If you are worried about small children opening them you can add hot glue to the inside edge of the lid before closing.

I like the variety of the three different sizes of jars. If I made these again I would love to find a mini deer or other woodland animals to add as well. 

Lucy loved helping mom with a project, and scooping in the fake snow. This activity is probably better suited for an older child, but Lucy still enjoyed participating.

I love snow and miss having a white Christmas, so any excuse I can find to bring a little into our home, I take!

Merry Christmas!

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