Sunday, July 21, 2013

Artwork for Lucy: Crayon, Color Pencil, & Watercolors

I was inspired by the large format of the finger painting Lucy did recently at a birthday party. I bought a large poster board at Walmart for $0.30 for her.

I let her choose what medium she wanted to use and she decided on crayons, color pencils, and watercolors.

We made it a two day project by spending one afternoon drawing and the next afternoon painting.

I wanted to let Lucy do it all herself, but she insisted that I color with her. (Some things are just more fun together I guess.) So, to not hijack her project, I drew with a white crayon while she colored with everything else.

My stars and swirls were revealed the next day when she painted over them with the watercolors.

To finish off the project I let her sprinkle salt all over the watercolor puddles to absorb the extra water, and to create a pebbled texture when it dried later and was rubbed off.

Lucy loved shaking the salt shaker all over her masterpiece.

Here's to more art, beauty, and creativity in your life!

Any other ideas for fun and different art projects that I can add to our list?

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