Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 Goal Review: Six Months

We are six months in (halfway), let's see where we are in our yearly goals! Hopefully we are halfway through these as well!

1. Make homemade bread in the oven:
Nope. I think this one will have to wait until the fall/winter part of the year when the weather is cooler. 
Anyone have a great bread recipe to recommend?

2. Chalkboard frame and drawings:

Been loving it!  "How to" found here, January, February, April (before), April (after), etc. More to come!

3. Professional Massage:

Not yet! Can't really enjoy this one while pregnant, recovering from delivery/c-section, or nursing a new baby. Hopefully I will be able to accomplish this one later on in the year though. 

4. Organize and downsize jewelry collection:

I did sell a few pieces in a garage sale last week! (So, that's kind of like halfway accomplishing this goal?) I still need to organize my jewelry box and set aside pieces to save for Lucy and Clara. 

5. Have fresh flowers in my home:

Done! We started with planting some flowers and watching them grow in the windowsill. Lucy also loves picking weeds flowers from our yard and having me display them in a vase on the kitchen table. I've also picked some of our roses to enjoy.

6. Make some hair clips for Lucy:

Done! See here. I still plan on making more before the year is out. Lately she has been wearing that heart clip daily. I think I need to whip out a few more. I would also like to make some headbands for Clara.

7. Fill another sketch book

Haven't started. First, I need to pick the notebook, then just get going!

Um, so this is a little more than a "sketch", but good inspiration to remind me of what I was once capable of!

8. Finish reading Daring to Be Yourself:

Hm. Haven't even picked it up again. Good thing the year is not over yet! This will be a good one to work on while on family trips. 

9. Do a new art project with Lucy every month:

So fun! And pretty good so far. When I made this goal I kind of forgot that I would be dealing with pregnancy and an additional child/newborn. I may not do a new project every month, but even if I make it to twelve different art projects by the end of the year, I will call it good. So, twelve overall is the new goal!

January: Scrap book
February: Felt clips, TP Roll Cards, Air Dry Clay, Marshmallow Drawing, Love Chalkboard Drawing
March: ?
April: Welcome Chalkboard Drawing
May: Magic Color Markers from Trish
June: Finger paints

10.  Visit Alaska for Christmas:

Oh, it's a dream of mine! We will have to see what things are actually like in the next few months, but I hope we can manage it.

In theory we will be moving sometime between now and the end of the year, so a trip to Alaska might not happen. If it doesn't, maybe we will make it up next summer for my ten year high school reunion? 

So, four (and a half) out of ten! Not bad! That is almost half the goals accomplished by half the year. I honestly thought it would be a lot less than that. It felt like less. 

Here's to the rest of the year! Six more months to fit in five-and-a-half awesome things. 

How are you doing on your fun goals for the year?

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