Monday, July 29, 2013

Ladies Night: Cheese & Chocolate Party

I did it! I followed through on one of my inspirations and hosted a Cheese & Chocolate party. And let me tell you, I had a blast!

It was so much fun to get to know some new ladies and to enjoy some delicious cheese, chocolate, fruits, nuts, and other treats.

I love any excuse for a party and to eat good food. We enjoyed some old favorites and tried some exciting new treats too.


This is my new favorite treat.

Cream cheese & caramel toffee fruit dip. Excellent with graham crackers. 

Double Yum!

These also made an excellent breakfast the next morning. 

Baked brie. 

This picture is making me dream of another cheese party.

This cheese ball was SO yummy!

So, so lovely.

Looking so lovely together.


Rocking the pinks.

Thank you so much for coming ladies! I can't wait to host another get-together.

Any good ideas/suggestions for my next Ladies Night? What have your favorite nights out (or in) consisted of?

Let me know if you want an invite to my next ladies night!


  1. Where did you find that sticky toffee cheese, and how did it taste?? And I think some recipes are needed on here! ;) I so wish I was living there so I could come to one of these events.. looks like fun!
    as for ideas? the only thing I can come up with is fondue.. but thats not new. In NM, we had a group of girls in our ward that did Bunco once a month.. so fun! we each brought a $5-$10 gift and everyone went home with something so no gambling ;)


    1. All three of the fancy cheeses were bought at HEB. Yum! I enjoyed them all, but the cranberry one was my absolute favorite of the three.

      I will try to post recipes! I need to collect the ones from the ladies that brought them.

      I wish you were here too! I was glad when you and Robert came to my Asian Dinner Party Potluck when you did live here. :) It might be time to have another one!

  2. All of that looks so amazing!! YUMM! Great idea!

  3. Oh my heck, looks DELICIOUS! And fancy!

    1. Brooke, move closer so we can paaaartay! ;D

  4. I still say yes on a glam party where we make those makeup boards :) Or a karoake night. Or play board games. I still haven't played board games with real adults in awhile.

    1. Um, fun! Great ideas! Does your husband like to play board games too? We usually have people over to play games multiple times a weekend. :)

  5. Yes, he loves them! Yes, invite us next time.

  6. you would say HEB.. I miss HEB! :( hmm I wonder if I know anyone coming this way or my moms way from TX that can bring it up here LOL

    sigh.. adding to my reasons I miss TX list..

  7. We've done a Bollywood night and a Spa Night. Both super fun! On Christmas Eve we do a cheese-type party....remember the Primary song When Joseph Went to Bethlehem? He 'carried bread and goat cheese in a little linen sack'. So we always have bread and goat cheese but it's morphed into trying 5 or 6 new and unique varieties of cheese.

    I'm glad you had a fun party! I miss you....and HEB.

    1. I love that! Bollywood, spa night, bread and goat cheese, yes, please! I miss you too! We need to live in the same city again. :)


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