Thursday, July 18, 2013

Inspired This Week: Gold

Things that inspired me this week:

1. White nail polish:
Saw a super cute girl at church with a white gel manicure. It was so fresh and cute for summer. I would love to try a gel manicure, but in the meantime I did the next best thing and had my awesome friend brush off her beauty school skills to give me an at-home manicure with some white polish we picked up on a midnight ice cream run.

We fancied it up with a gold sparkly accent nail and gold polka dots on the thumbnail. Fun!

2. Gold eyeliner:
My beautiful friend was rocking a gold eyeliner look and I was totally digging it. I've had a sparkly gold eyeliner on my Amazon wishlist for a long time, and we went to the mall together and finally found it. While there I also bought a pot of gold eye shadow that I have been loving and wearing every day since!

On a casual summer day I wear the gold shadow by itself with just a coat of black mascara (no liner) for a really fresh look. When I want to jazz it up I combine it with black liquid eyeliner to make a cat eye, then layer the gold sparkle liner right above it. So fancy!

Via. (My gold has more sparkle in it.)

I did the cat eye with double gold last Sunday and had three people stop to tell me how lovely I looked. (Thank you complimentary people of my church!) One even told me three times that I was glowing. Win!

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  1. i am really, really liking the gold eye liner look!


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