Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Inspired This Week

Here are some things and people that inspired me this week. I'm documenting them here kind of like a gratitude journal, a way to think back on the positive and inspiring things around me, as well as give credit to people I see doing inspiring things.

1. Red Lipstick:
There was an adorable new lady at church wearing bright red lipstick. This inspired me to pull out my own lipsticks and making the goal of wearing lipstick every day for a week straight. I loved this goal! Not only is it super easy, achievable, and fun but it helps boost your self-confidence. The bolder the color the better.

After wearing a bold color on my lips for a week it didn't look so foreign anymore. It also helped me get ready for the day instead of schlepping around the house. It made each day feel a little more special. I will definitely do this goal again! Besides, what is the point of "saving" special things for an unforeseen future date? Make today special!

Extra points for anyone who photographs themselves each day with their colored lips!

2. Sabbath Dessert Party:
I heard about a new family that moved into our area who invited a bunch of families to their home Sunday evening for dessert. I loved this! The thing I love most about this is that they are the new people, and instead of waiting for people to reach out to them, they threw their own party! I am going to remember this and try to do it for when we move to a new area. Love, love, love!

We usually try to invite people to our home for dinner and games, but making it just desserts instead makes it a lot easier and less stressful. (Am I the only one who stresses about feeding people you don't know well?) I also love how with desserts you can invite a lot more than just one couple/family. This idea is good on so many levels.

3. Mother's Lounge Friends:
Last week at church I met a super awesome lady while nursing in the mother's lounge. (Who knew it was such a great place to make new friends?) I invited her to a play group later that week, and also had the epiphany that I should start bringing special treats to share with ladies I meet in there. What better way to make a friend than offering a Ghirardelli chocolate square? Yum.

The nursing lounge is my new favorite place at church.

4. Cheese party:
I want to host a ladies night cheese party. I love cheese. Plus, there are a lot of new people who have moved here that I would like to meet and get to know better.


What things or people have inspired you lately?


  1. haha i made a cheese board this weekend! so fun.

    1. Yum! I am super looking forward to it. I love trying new cheeses too.

  2. seriously, you are so classy. My cheese night would be cheese-whiz string cheeze. Ha! I love doing desert night...SO much less stressful for someone like me who stinks at cooking, and you can get like 3 families at once!

    1. Haha! Really it's the perfect excuse to have a ladies night and eat one of my favorite foods. :)
      I love that you are going to do a dessert night, let me know how it goes!

  3. Your so creative...i love all these inspirations.

    1. Thanks, Chelsea! :D Meet me in the mother's lounge for a treat tomorrow. ;)


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