Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chalkboard Art: June

Recently I have been struggling with losing my temper with Lucy when she is misbehaving. Since Clara was born, having so much family come visit, and my attention being diverted from her, Lucy has been retesting the boundaries and limits.

I've been using two goal oriented websites (Happify, and Superbetter) to make goals and track my progress in lowering my stress, and responding calmly instead of just reacting to her bad behavior.

It has been so much better! I have really enjoyed taking a few moments to check in with myself every day and make small goals to lower my overall stress level, as well as think of new ways and approaches to teaching and dealing with Lucy.

I wanted my chalkboard to reflect my goals as well as be a visual reminder on what I can do in those stressful and tense situations Lucy has been creating lately.

What ideas do you have for lowering stress?

What time tested approaches do you have for dealing with naughty behavior?

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